Kyocera Duraforce Ultra vs Oukitel WP30 Pro: Which Is The Best?

Oukitel WP30 Pro

When talking about hardcore smartphones, Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G and Oukitel WP30 Pro are on top of the list. These phones have been built to weather harsh conditions and still deliver stellar performance with a plethora of features.
It's crucial to get a sense of these models' pros and cons, whether for professional use in demanding outdoor scenarios or personal usage among thrill seekers. This way choosing a rugged smartphone will be less daunting.
Our comparison dives deep into aspects like their capabilities – be it performance, battery life or camera prowess, not forgetting how durable they are in order to determine which tough device holds the crown.

Design and Build Quality

The Kyocera DuraForce Ultra and the Oukitel WP30 Pro stand distinctively for their rugged design, highlighting top-notch endurance.
Kyocera's DuraForce Ultra presents a robust build, designed to endure severe conditions. Standing at 165.1 x 74.9 x 16 mm and weighing a solid 278 grams—an expected heft given its hard-wearing structure—the phone boasts a notable 5.45-inch display guarded by Sapphire Shield glass, providing high resistance against scratches while enhancing longevity. Such protection extends beyond just the screen—it even envelopes the camera lenses multiplying their ability to withstand damage—making it durable in extreme weather conditions, solar exposure, sandy environments or heightened altitudes.
On the other hand, the WP30 Pro features a larger and heavier build, carrying dimensions of 177.4 x 83.6 x 19 mm and weighing around 413.8 grams. Its notable weight and size mirror both its resilient make-up and considerable 6.78-inch screen expanse.
Designed for individuals needing a smartphone that can hold up under tough conditions, the WP30 Pro's sturdy build packs in typical rugged phone features like shock absorption and water resistance.


The heart of any smartphone is undoubtedly the processor, dictating its speed, performance, and overall efficiency. When we stack Kyocera DuraForce Ultra against Oukitel WP30 Pro in this regard, a clear difference in processor tech choice comes to light.
On one hand, we have the DuraForce Ultra riding high on power from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G – a processor celebrated for striking an ideal balance between performance prowess and power economy. It's ideal for handling demanding tasks with ease whether that be gaming or multitasking—all thanks to an octa-core processor and Adreno 620 GPU by its side. Moreover, Qualcomm offers some future-proofing on top of it with built-in 5G connectivity, bolstering data speeds and network responsiveness.
The WP30 Pro is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 8050 5G chip, making it a strong contender in the rugged smartphone market. The Dimensity series from MediaTek is noted for efficiency and effective performance, particularly with intense applications and multitasking.
With its ability to support fast processing via 5G technology, this 8050 chipset does more than meets the eye – it prepares your device for any forthcoming network updates. Plus, there's an impressive edge to WP30 Pro – its record-breaking 120W quick charging capability. For those who find themselves out in fieldwork or far from power sources for long periods of time, this means rapid battery replenishment.


The smartphone's memory capacity, which includes both RAM and storage space, is a pivotal factor for the device's overall performance, ability to multitask, and data storage.
The DuraForce Ultra comes fitted with 6 GB RAM, ideal for seamless multitasking and functioning of demanding applications. As for internal storage, it boasts 128 GB – ample room for apps, media content, and paperwork. This type of combination between RAM and storage isn't unusual in mid-range smartphones; however, it should appease most users' needs.
The WP30 Pro kicks memory specs up a notch. It already has an impressive 12 GB of RAM, but then it adds another 12 GB of extended RAM for a total of an astounding 24 GB. Multitasking is going to be ridiculously easy with all that RAM because you can have dozens of applications running at the same time without slowing down your phone.
But that's not all. The WP30 Pro also gives you a hefty 512GB internal storage, so there's plenty of room for your data and files, and most folks won't even need extra external space.


Your smartphone’s display can really shape the user experience, affecting everything from how you enjoy media to how easy it is to read text in different light conditions.
The Kyocera DuraForce Ultra makes its mark with a 5.45-inch Full HD display – packing in about 443 pixels for every inch thanks to a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. This needle-sharp clarity is shielded by Sapphire Shield glass that ups the ante when it comes to durability and resistance against scratches. Whether you're using your phone outdoors or under varying conditions, this display ensures crystal-clear visuals for any application.
The WP30 Pro proudly presents a large 6.78-inch FHD display, boasting a resolution of 2460 x 1080 pixels. A fast refresh rate of 120Hz is available, guaranteeing fluid movement and enhanced responsiveness – absolutely noticeable when you’re deep in action-packed videos or games. It has an impressive pixel density that sits at a generous 396 PPI, giving you sharp and clear image quality every time.
Now, here's the extra treat! The WP30 Pro comes with a bonus: a nifty little 1.8-inch AMOLED screen recycling an excellent resolution of 390 x 450 pixels and supporting a solid pixel density of 341 PPI – All designed to deliver high contrast and radiant color output we all crave for!


The camera setups of both the Kyocera DuraForce Ultra and the Oukitel WP30 Pro are key assets, particularly for those who lean on their smartphones for snapping shots in various conditions.
The DuraForce Ultra comes with a twin rear camera setup: offering 24MP primary sensor paired with a 16MP ultra-wide sensor. Its ace card – the main camera – guarantees 4K UHD video recording. To sweeten that deal, it also has an added benefit of an 8MP selfie camera up front. With features like Super Night Vision and Dual-LED flash included in its arsenal, this rugged smartphone ensures crisp captures irrespective of lighting scenarios.
The WP30 Pro sports a comprehensive camera arrangement:

  • At the heart of its array is a 108MP main camera, promising high-definition pictures with superb detail accuracy, and it's equipped for 4K video recording at 30FPS.
  • The front comes with a 32MP lens, ensuring top-notch selfies whilst bringing in features like portrait & beauty modes as well as facial recognition unlocking mechanisms.
  • Under low-light conditions, the night vision sensor comes to the rescue with its 20MP sensor that can detect infrared fill light.
  • A macro camera with a 5MP sensor allows for close-up shots, focusing as close as 4cm from the subject.


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